We are fishermen!   Captain Andy Chornobil has been fishing on Lake Ontario for over 25 years.  He continues fishing with us, his family, carrying on a tradition.  We mostly went jig fishing with him on Seneca Lake, Upstate NY.  Perch, Bass and an occasional Pike were the main prey.  Later on, we began to troll for Lakers on Seneca, then moving to Lake Ontario in search of bigger fish.  We did a lot of fishing out of a small aluminum boat, then bigger craft, trying many styles of  divers and other products.  The years rolled by and the fishing has continued. 

After building a successful manufacturing business, Captain Andy Chornobil has retired and he has since passed his company to the next generation of his family.  His creative drive for excellence and expertise with metal fabrication pushed him to create this one-of-a-kind troll fishing tool, The Chinook Diver. 

In pursuit of his love for fishing, he has become a full time Charter Captain of Chinook Charters, www.chinookfishingcharters.com on Lake Ontario.  He has placed and won numerous fishing tournaments, with winnings totaling thousands of dollars and countless smiles, fishing with help from the Chinook Diver. 

We've started Chinook Products LLC to offer you Captain Andy's "Secret Weapon" with hopes that you enjoy his Chinook Divers and his passion for fishing!   Happy Fishing!