The Chinook Diver is new and different from other fishing divers on the market today.  The Chinook Diver Directional trolling sinker fishing lure, is a sleek ultra thin diver made from high quality stainless steel, with easy adjustability for multi-directional control.

After repeated fishing attempts to fish effectively using the available "Status Quo" plastic product sold in the marketplace, we decided to develop our own troll fishing diver, and created something special -- something better.  We are happy to offer our high performing Chinook Diver to fishermen everywhere at a competitive price.  

The Chinook Diver was designed for Bass, Perch, Walleye, Trout and Salmon fishing.  They are strong and durable enough for both freshwater and saltwater troll fishing.  The high performance Chinook Diver easily go to where the fish are.

  • Widens your troll fishing pattern
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • ALWAYS trips easily from your fishing boat
  • Light retrieve due to ultra thin design after release
  • Weight is adjustable for multiple port and starboard trolling positions
  • Divers are designed to work with Mono, Thin wire line and the Super braided lines
  • Capable of reaching depths of 100 feet and more
  • Stainless Steel Construction